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Unforget Pills

Unforgettable medication through motivation

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Medication adh. is only 50%

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Doctors prescribe treatments but studies show that patients only take 50 percent of their meds. Forgetfulness is the number one reported reason for non-adherence. Missing medications imply hospitalizations and a lower life expectancy.

Relatives health at risk

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Everytime a patient forgets a pill, his vital signs (i.e. his blood pressure), get unbalanced and puts his health at risk. Oftentimes, it's too late when the patient realizes how dangerous it is to forget his pills and it causes 10% of all hospitalizations in western countries.

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Phones never forget, so let phone reminders fight forgetfulness. And above all, our app allows you to share Love rewards (your pictures) with patients and provide motivation for better medication compliance.
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What is Pilly ?

Pilly is a pill manager app that provides love rewards as a powerful motivation for better medication compliance.

Forgetfulness is the main reason for patients that don't comply with their medication (average medication adherence is only 40%). Thus, it is key to MOTIVATE and REWARD people for the cumbersome, yet essential, task of taking pills.

Who are we ?

Pilly's founder had this idea when he realized how confusing it was for grandma to take her pills.

Manuel is an experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record of innovative mobile design.

Pilly main features

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Love rewards

Never forget your pills!

Pilly is the first app that turns medication into a POSITIVE experience. We use gamification techniques to MOTIVATE and REWARD medication compliance.

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Easy to use

Never get confused!

The meds schedule is displayed as a linear sequence of actions. The app asks the patient to take an action regarding the current pill and only when this pill is taken / skipped, the patient can move on to the next pill.

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Refill alarm

Never run out of pills!

The app keeps track of your remaining pills and will display an alert to let you reorder more when your stock is getting to low. How convenient is that ? You can order refills from your app, just when you need them.

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