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People don't take their meds,they need Pilly

image showing only one in 2 pills is taken

Medication adh. is only 50%

Doctors prescribe treatments but studies show that patients only take 50 percent of their meds. Forgetfulness is the number one reported reason for non-adherence. What about raising your own adherence rate and life expectancy today ?

your health is at risk everytime you miss your pills

Relatives health at risk

Everytime a patient forgets a pill, his vital signs (i.e. blood pressure), get unbalanced and puts his health at risk. Oftentimes, it's too late when the patient realizes how dangerous it is to forget his pills and that implies implies 10% of all hospitalizations.

image of the first Pilly user, our founder's mom!

Install the Pilly App

Pilly reminders and motivational techniques facilitate medication management. You will know and improve your own adherence rate and therefore, you will be healthier.
Install it!

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Why Pilly ?

Pilly is a pill manager app that provides love rewards as a powerful motivation for better medication compliance.

Forgetfulness is the main reason for the 40% of chronic patients that don't comply with their medication. Thus, it is key to MOTIVATE and REWARD people for the cumbersome, yet essential, task of taking pills.

Why do we care ?

Pilly's founder had this idea when he realized how his mom had trouble with the unrewarding process of taking her pills.

Is your mom's health at risk ?

What if you miss da4ac0e7984c3cd8b0b0ec9bbd449918087d168fad93a5eff35a4593abe0b177

Medication forgetfulness happens to others. Really ?

You know your parents have a chronic condition, like hypertension or diabetes, and you also know that in most developed countries there are very efficient drugs that will keep things under control. We are all optimistic and we naturally to think that everybody takes all the drugs they are prescribed; but that's not true! Most studies show that your parents are probably missing half of their pills.

Obviously, when patients miss a pill they don't die and therefore, you might argue that the blood pressure graph above is an exaggeration. And I actually agree that it is the worst case scenario. Nevertheless we can say that missing medication puts patients in a danger zone that increases their risk of a critical accident and that risk is totally unacceptable and avoidable with something as simple as installing an iPhone app !

How do we improve medication adherence ?

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Why did our users improved their medication adherence ?

We are the first and only iPhone app that focuses on MOTIVATION to increase medication adherence. When we initially designed our app, we thought about the major online services that my mother liked. And in her particular case, they were Facebook for the rewarding pictures from her social network, Skype for video conference with the family, and online games for instant gratification. And these were the ingredients we used for the first version of our app. Once we saw our first users were totally hooked, we realized that medication adherence was an important problem for a large number of people and we found out that there was abundant research literature about medication adherence barriers and facilitators.

Pilly main features

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Easy to use

Never get lost or confused!

The meds schedule is displayed as a linear sequence of actions. The app asks the patient to take an action regarding the current pill and only when this pill is taken / skipped, the patient can move on to the next pill.

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Love rewards

Medication becomes a positive experience!

Pilly is the first app that turns medication into a POSITIVE experience. We use gamification techniques to MOTIVATE and REWARD medication compliance.

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Better treatment

Tailor-made personalized care

The app keeps track of the time and dosage of the medication you have taken. These adherence data combined with your vital signs measurements, your doctor is able to adapt your treatment and optimize it for your personal needs.